Communication Design


The Communication Design category includes any of the following media:

A. Brand Identity and Collateral Design – includes any of the following:

    • Logos
      Single logo design, and may include reference material showing the development of the logo and its application.
    • Identity Programmes
      Entries must include at least three elements of a brand identity; such as logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes and may include digital components
    • Posters & Billboards
      Posters & Billboards entered in the Print Communication category cannot be re-entered into the Design Posters category
    • Direct & Promotional Mail
      Flat and 3D media delivered via post, courier or hand-delivery including: cards, catalogues, gifts, invitations, promotions, samples, etc.
    • General Collateral
      All loose design elements, including: calendars, cards, carry bags, fabric designs, in-store, invitations, labels, P.O.P, promotional items, wallpaper, wrapping paper.


B. Three Dimensional & Environmental Design

    • Architecture
      All architectural projects contributing to brand equity, including: airports, community & public environments (police, health, government, etc.), corporate offices, galleries, hotels, monuments, museums, retail, stadiums. NOTE: Architectural work includes new additions to an existing structure or brand, e.g. a new store, restaurant, or upgrade.
    • Interior Design & Temporary Structures
      All interior design and temporary structures including: airports, bars, cafes, clubs, community & public environments (police, health, government, etc.), corporate offices, displays, exhibition & trade stands, exhibits, galleries, hotels, mobile demonstration units, museums, pop-up stores, restaurants, retail, showrooms, signage, visitor attractions, window display & shop front. NOTE: Interior Design work includes new additions to an existing structure or brand, e.g. a new store, restaurant, or upgrade.
    • Package & Industrial Design
      Industrial Design
      includes products that have specifically been introduced to enhance brand equity
      Package Design specifically with the intention to enhance brand equity, including: beverage containers and packaging, food packaging, perfume bottles and packaging, retail product packaging.


C. Publication Design

    • Single Element
      Physical publications only. Includes single elements within a publication: magazine insert, book cover, jacket design, magazine cover, publication wrap. For Digital Platforms, see the “Design for Digital” category.
    • Whole Publication
      Physical publications only, including: annual reports, books, brochures, magazines, manuals, newspapers, and technical literature. For Digital Platforms, see the “Design for Digital” category.


D. Design for Digital

    • Any digital platform can be entered here, for the jury to consider the innovation in graphic design on the platform. Examples include animation, motion graphic and still design – websites, mobile, interactive applications, publication design, commercial station and channel branding, including: logos, interstitials, identities, TV channel branding, programme branding.
      NOTE: Can be produced using animation or shot footage but no usage of existing footage permitted (e.g. edits from content featured on the station NOT permitted. This does not include TV content promos or trailers – this should be entered in TV, Film & Video category.)



The jury will evaluate Craft entries according to how well the entry excels in the particular craft. The craft will be considered in the overall context of the entry, i.e. the craft must be integral to and supportive of the objective and concept of the entry, and should not be superfluous or disconnected, i.e. the craft must add value to the entry.

Design Crafts includes any of the following:

  1. Writing
  2. Photography
  3. Illustration
  4. Typography



No physical entries will be allowed for this category: You can submit a video and/or a jpeg presentation.

Where necessary, please provide an overview of your entry - do not simply submit multiple elements. Use any combination of jpegs and/or video where appropriate, and provide a written description to enable the judges to understand your entry.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT REPLACEMENT MATERIAL, so please make sure that the version you have uploaded or sent to us is the correct and final material.

Multiple elements may be presented using any combination of boards, jpegs and/or video.


  • High resolution (300dpi) jpegs ONLY.
  • Minimum width must be 2400 pixels.
  • Maximum file size is 10MB per image.
  • The presentation images will be a summary of your entry and will be used for judging, as well as on screen at the awards ceremony, should your work win.
  • If there is text included on your images, please make sure that it is readable when presented to an audience of approximately 15 people. The image will be projected and viewed at a distance of at least 3 to 5 meters.
  • For work with small detail and/or logos that need to be seen by the jury, submit close up images.
  • Keep the text to a minimum as judges won’t be able to read long paragraphs of text on the screen. Use the ‘description’ section on the entry form for additional information about the entry.
  • Upload Jpegs via our online entry system – you can choose to upload as you create your entry or you can upload at a later stage.



b. IF USING VIDEO, you can provide footage of the entry itself, as well as supporting information about your work. Please follow the TV, Film & Video preparation guidelines. Overview videos must be limited to 2 minutes. If it is felt necessary, the full-length work may accompany the 2-minute overview.

We recommend that a 30 second edit is also provided for the awards ceremony.

Logos –
Show Logos in context. When entering a logo design, preferably do not just send the final logo; Add supporting imagery showing the logo in context. You can also include graphical references showing the evolution of the logo. Remember: provide as much information as necessary to assist the jury in understanding your entry.

Identity Programmes – Show all elements of the brand identity and provide as much information as necessary to assist the jury in understanding your entry. Include original material where relevant. Use boards for multiple elements (see top of page).

Architecture, Interior Design & Temporary Structures –
It is important to show how the design assists in communicating the brand. For example, how does the interior design of the restaurant assist in portraying the brand?

In the case of Architectural and Interior Design projects, the launch date is not critical as long as the work has not been previously entered. Architectural and Interior Design work includes new additions to an existing structure or brand, e.g. a new store, restaurant, or upgrade.


No live media can be entered, including URLs. Websites, YouTube videos and similar online content must either be entered via static jpegs or as a video walk-through (.MOV file). No Landing Pages or URLs will be accepted. For video submissions, please follow the TV, Film & Video preparation guidelines.